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Business Interests

In line with Section 3.1.20 of the 2017 Academies Financial Handbook, 'Trusts must publish on their website relevant business and pecuniary interests of members, trustees, local governors and accounting officers. Trusts have discretion over the publication of interests of any other individuals named on the register.

Below is a list of any relevant business and pecuniary interests of local governors at Bedford Hall Methodist Primary:

Name Role Nature of related party relationship Business Interest or Governance role in other educational establishment Relevant Relationships
A Burkes BHM Governor   None None
K Meredith BHM Governor   None None
S Pierce BHM Governor   Residential Landlord Self-employed None
P Rothwell BHM Governor   None None
E Skull BHM Governor   None None
A Davies BHM Governor   Podiatrist Self-employed None
R Hibbert BHM Governor   None None
A Metcalfe BHM Governor   None None
l Russell Staff Governor   None None
T Young Staff Governor   None None
B Taylor BHM Governor   None None