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Curriculum Coverage

We aim to provide a coherent, structured, academic curriculum, which is knowledge rich and skills driven, that will lead to sustained mastery for all with unlimited aspiration. Our curriculum design is based on research evidence pertinent to our school context and takes account of the latest thinking. We offer an exciting curriculum which has meaning to the children.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the three drivers (culture, possibilities and diversity) and sets out:

  • A clear curriculum map of the breadth of topics to be covered for each year group. This ensures each teacher has clarity about what to cover. As well as providing the key knowledge within the subjects, it also develops pupils’ cultural capital.
  • The key concepts that will be taught through each subject area. These are the key skills that are developed within subjects, which are then revisited within the teaching of a range of topics and a range of contexts. This enables children to make links within learning.
  • Progression within the skills identified within each ‘milestone’. We follow a milestone curriculum where key concepts are learned through a Basic (Milestone 1), Advancing (Milestone 2) and Deep (Milestone 3) understanding.
  • Criteria for depth of understanding. Each milestone spans over a two-year period so that key concepts are repeated regularly. This ensures key knowledge enters children’s long-term memory (research based evidence supports this).

Sustained Mastery

To provide sustained mastery, children are provided with deeper learning opportunities that promote enquiry, questioning and problem solving skills, building upon previously taught concepts and skills. In order to develop understanding, pupils connect new knowledge with existing knowledge. Pupils also need to develop fluency and unconsciously apply their knowledge as skills.

This is assessed over time to ensure learning is embedded within the long-term memory.