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Educational Visits

At Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School, we pride ourselves on a curriculum that develops children's awareness and understanding of culture and diversity - in our locality but also in society and the wider world.  We want children to leave school knowing that differences are positive as they make everyone special and unique. 

A visit to a place of religious worship is a valuable educational experience and can be one of the most stimulating Religious Education experiences that schools can provide. There are many benefits of good religious visits; they not only build positive attitudes but they are also interesting and interactive.  They allow children to explore the answers to the 'big questions' our curriculum encourages them to reflect on. 

Through visits to places of worship, children are given an opportunity to discover, experience and reflect on their own religion and beliefs but also on those of others.  They are able to see, touch and discover sacred artefacts and places, provoking a sense of awe and wonder. Through these experiences, children develop their use of correct terminology and they gain a deeper understanding and respect for others in our diverse world.

The visits for the academic year 2023-24 will be available soon!