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High School Admissions 2024

National Allocation Day

On 1st March 2024 offers will be sent to applicants by email and post.

If you have applied online, on 1st March 2024 you will receive an email from 9am and you will be able to view your result on the School Admissions Portal. If you have applied using a paper application form, you will be notified of the result by letter.

If you have applied online and your email shows that you have not got a place at one of your preferred schools, you will receive a letter with details of which criterion your application fell under. Information on how places were allocated, how to appeal and waiting lists can be found further down this page.

Please wait for your letter to arrive. If your letter has not arrived by 8th March 2024, please contact The School Organisation Team on 01942 489013.

How places were allocated

The documents below give details of how places were allocated at each oversubscribed Wigan secondary school. If you have been refused a place at any of these schools, you will be sent a letter with the reason your child was refused a place. For more detailed information please click HERE