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Methodist Heritage

Methodism is a branch of Christianity. It is based on the ideas of a man named John Wesley, who lived in the 1700s. At first Wesley only wanted to reform the Church of England, but his ideas soon led to the development of a new church.  

Methodists believe that people should have a very personal relationship with God that transforms their lives. They also have a concern for people in society who need help. They believe that faith in God should lead people into service for others.  Our school vision to 'Learn, love and live: without limits' is rooted by these beliefs and we actively encourage children to be activists for justice and change in the world. This begins by learning about, and being inspired by, John Wesley himself! Did you know our trust - Epworth Education Trust - was named after the place John Wesley was born?

As part of our Art and Design curriculum, children study a piece from the Methodist Artwork Collection and use it as inspiration for their own work. Below are some examples of recent work.  

Methodist Artwork 2020

Look at our artwork, inspired by The Methodist Artwork Collection!


Year 6 made an impressive tree as their own interpretation of Mynheer’s portrait.     

Year 5 looked at artwork by Francis Hoyland. He created a piece of artwork- with a modern twist- telling the life of Jesus, Year 5 made their own version. ‘It made me think about all that happened at that time.’ Lawrence R.

Year 2 used their hands to create their colourful canvas in the style of Eularia Clarke’s ‘The five thousand.’

Reception use paint to depict the story of the washing of feet (John 13: 2-9). ‘We had to put flour in our paint to make it thick.’ 

2 Year old Nursery created their artwork with their feet in the style of Maggi Hambling’s ‘Walking on Water’. ‘My feet are so wet!’