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Modern Foreign Languages

At Bedford Hall Methodist, we study Spanish in Lower Key Stage 2 and French in Upper Key Stage 2 as our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

We are currently in the second year of rolling out the Spanish curriculum across Key Stage 2, in order to equip pupils with the skills they need for high school. This decision was made as more high schools in our local area provide Spanish rather than French and through research, more of our pupils would use Spanish purposefully in the real world. It is our aim that by 2023, all Key Stage 2 classes will be learning Spanish.

We use the National Curriculum and draw upon the Chris Quigley subject specific essentials for MFL coverage and progression, but use the 'Primary Languages Network' scheme to support the teaching of Spanish and the 'Twinkl' scheme for French. These schemes provide a supportive scaffold for our non-specialist teachers and help to develop subject knowledge, while the Chris Quigley milestones ensure we have progression and coverage for a curriculum that meets the needs of our children.

In line with our school vision, ‘Without Limits’, we strive to ensure all children have additional opportunities to learn about other countries, while practising their linguistic skills. In the past, we have had a ‘French Day’ in school where all children participated in activities that built on skills and knowledge of French-speaking countries and their customs. The children dressed up and enjoyed a taste of all things 'French' whilst learning key essentials, for example writing short sentences and phrases, using dictionaries, making comparisons and taking part in conversations.

It is our hope that this academic year we can celebrate another ‘Languages Day’ and learn more about the culture of different countries where our languages are spoken. In addition, some of our pupils will have Spanish pen pals, so they can use their language skills purposefully. We are looking forward to sending and receiving letters from our new friends!