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As you may already be aware, the Department for Education has announced changes to Relationships and Sex education following nationwide consultation. The statutory guidance focuses on healthy relationships and keeping children safe in the modern world. It also covers a wide range of topics relating to physical and mental health, wellbeing, safeguarding and healthy relationships. This statutory guidance can be viewed here.

Personal, Social and Health Education & Relationships and Sex Education

At Bedford Hall Methodist School, our PSHE and RSE curriculum follows the Coram SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievements, Resilience, Friendship) scheme of learning from Reception to Year 6.  Each year group covers 6 units of work that are outlined below.  In addition to PSHE and RSE lessons, all classes timetable a 'Weekly Wellbeing' session to further demonstrate the benefits of positive mental health. As outlined in the policy, parents have the right to withdraw their child from the Sex Education lessons (Conception and Pregnancy sessions in Year 6) but not from Relationships Education from Reception - Year 6.  

-Rights and Responsibiities

In 2020, we achieved the Bronze Rights Respecting School Award. We continue to teach children about the UNCRC and ensure they feel that their rights are being met.  The school council act as a platform for any suggestions to improve this further and this is linked to democracy is Britain.  Through this unit, children also learn about financial responsibility and how saving money can improve their future.  School rules are explored and compared to the rules of law.

-Keeping Safe

During this unit, children learn about how keeping healthy can keep them safe.  They explore the negative effects on their safety caused by lack of sleep, poor diet, sustained technology use and addictions.  Children learn how to stay safe online and how to report suspicious activity.  They learn the importance of saying no to bullying and being assertive where possible.  All children will learn the NSPCC Underwear rule 'PANTS' as well as the rules regarding road safety, water safety and stranger danger.  

-Growing and Changing

Children will learn how their bodies grow and change and what to expect from these changes.  They will learn the value of and importance of privacy.  Children will learn strategies to cope with change and uncertainty and remain resilient and in control.  In Year 5, children will learn how to prepare for puberty and in Year 6 about the scientific nature of conception and pregnancy.  These sessions are delivered by 'Happy Healthy Kids' who also run a parental question and answer session before the lessons are delivered.  

-Valuing Difference

Children will learn to celebrate what makes them special and unique.  They will explore the diverse world we live in and develop an understanding of different people, families and communities and their traditions.  Through books, children will learn about the struggles and successes of minority groups such as those from the LGBT+ community, those of different ethnic groups and those with visible and invisible disabilities.  


Children will explore different people and different families, learning the message 'different families, same love'.  This will include learning about families of different races and cultures, living with grandparents or foster families; living in multiple homes; single-parent families and blended families; and families that have members from the LGBT+ community.  Children will recognise good friendships and know how to be a good friend.  They will learn about peer pressure, both online and face to face and how to deal with this.  They will learn to understand their own emotional needs and the needs of others and develop an emotional intelligence around the nature of changing feelings and the need to apologise as well as to forgive others.  Children will know the difference between teasing and bullying and know how to get support and how to support others.  


Through this unit, children learn about the importance of exercise, diet, sleep and hygiene to our physical health.  Children will also learn about the effects on their bodies of obesity, sun exposure, technology addiction and, in Year 5 and 6, drug and alcohol abuse.  Children learn about their mental health and how to recognise and adapt to their emotional needs and the needs of others.  They will learn basic first aid and, in Year 5 and 6, how to give CPR.