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Vision, Aims and Values

Our Vision

We wish to create a learning culture, where pupils have self-belief and high expectations for their own learning and behaviour and teachers uphold these high expectations and the attitude that all pupils can succeed.  At Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School, we choose to learn, love and live: without limits.

Building resilient learners
Embracing our Christian Values in all we do
Delivering inclusive, innovative and effective teaching and learning
Family matters and all deserve to be nurtured and accepted`
ur ethos and faith unites us
Raise aspirations for all
Deepening a lifelong love of learning

Happy environment which is safe and secure
Achievement - every child is valued and we celebrate successes together
Love – of learning, for life, for all.
Limitless vision for our school and our pupils

Our Aims

We aim for success with a curriculum which is designed to excite, motivate, challenge and is personalised to meet children’s needs. This is designed in such a way to capture the children’s interest and engagement in learning.

We have worked hard to ensure our curriculum sparks imagination, is innovative and encourages children to be independent learners. Subsequently, capturing their interests and stimulating their desire to learn.

We aim to create a learning environment which is safe, stimulating and ensures children are ready to learn. 

As a school, we aim for all children to be resilient learners. We teach and promote Growth Mindset based on the work of Professor Carol Dweck. This is to encourage the children as learners to be open to new experiences and not to be afraid to try and fail. We want children to embrace challenge and see effort as the path to success.

As a school, we believe successful individuals love learning, value effort and persist in the face of obstacles. (Live without limits).

We want our children to develop a growth mindset and believe that anything is possible with the right attitude to learning. We believe passionately that every child can succeed and flourish and achieve their potential.

Our Values

We uphold the Christian Values which are displayed around our school and on banners in our school hall which we made with the children of Westleigh Methodist. These are:



Through day to day teaching, worship and our ethos we share and encourage children to follow our Christian Values.