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What our parents think...

Throughout the year, our children take part in various family assemblies and performances. Children love to share their learning experiences and amazing achievements. 

After each assembly or performance we always welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have to make these experiences even more amazing for all! 

 Reception & KS1 Family Assembly 8th Feb 2024

  • Well done reception & KS1 – brilliant singing.
  • Excellent assembly, I loved the poem.
  • It is wonderful to see that the children are being brought into a loving Christian school and learning what love and life is about.
  • Wow Amazing! So proud of all the awards! Well done speaking in front of the audience so confidently.
  • It was lovely to see what the children are learning and seeing their happiness and positive attitude. Thank you for a lovely performance, all.
  • The children were brilliant!
  • Another lovely assembly, it is always nice to see what they have been learning about in school. My child seems to be doing really well holistically so thank you to you all!
  • Lovely assembly, the children sang lovely and the work they showed was BRILLIANT!
  • What a lovely set of children and so well behaved.
  • Always look forward to these! The children’s work was brilliant and they should be very proud.
  • Lovely assembly today, the children were so excited to show their amazing work. A big thank you to the teachers for working so hard to make sure our children love loving to learn!
  • Love the songs!
  • Absolutely brilliant well done all!
  • Great to see all the work the children are doing especially in geography.
  • Loved the videos played and the work shown- great insight.
  • Loved the assembly, the songs were brilliant.
  • Fantastic work, beautiful singing and amazing achievements!
  • Great assembly. It’s always great to see how much the kids enjoy sharing what they have done and learnt.


Reception Stay and Play 13th February 2024

  • Loving the activities with the children.
  • Good session.
  • Absolutely loved this Valentines stay and play.
  • Excellent singing from all the children.
  • Lovely Valentines stay and play, beautiful singing Reception.
  • Had a lovely time, it was fabulous.
  • Great session, lovely to get the opportunity to spend time in school with our little ones, thank you.
  • Really enjoyed it.
  • A lovely morning making Valentine cards and listening to some fantastic singing.
  • Really enjoyed doing the crafts, would love to do more.
  • Lovely singing Reception.
  • Kids were Brill!
  • Lovely to come and do arts and crafts in school with my child. He really enjoyed it and so did I, especially hearing the children sing.
  • A lovely session! Really enjoyed the singing and activities. Thank you so much!!
  • Fabulous morning at stay and play.
  • Enjoyed making pictures with my daughter.
  • An Amazing morning, thankyou Reception I hope you all have a great day.
  • Really loved today, bonding while doing crafts is mine and my child’s favourite thing to do.
  • Lovely time. Really enjoyed the children’s singing and impressed with how much they remembered.
  • Brilliant activities.
  • Lovely activities, fabulous songs, and well-behaved happy children
  • Enjoyed stay and play with my child.

Year 5 Assembly 15th February 2024

  • Great assembly! Well done Year 5. Looking forward to lots of help with the cleaning.
  • All the kids spoke really well and had good kind ideas.
  • Everyone spoke very clear. Songs were amazing. Well done Year 5.
  • Excellent speaking and singing from all the children. We loved the 2nd song, very uplifting. Well done everybody.
  • Beautiful singing. Loved it.
  • Well done.
  • Well done Year 5. All the children have been fantastic.
  • Thank you for sharing the story today. Everyone was confident and spoke clearly. The songs were superb!
  • Thankyou lovely assembly.
  • Well done.
  • Well done Year 5.
  •  Brilliant singing.
  • Great performance Year 5, read lines very well. The songs were great.
  • Beautifully done.
  • Fantastic assembly. I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Well done Year 5 you were all great.
  • Excellent performance Year 5. Good clear speaking.
  • Well done Year 5. We really enjoyed the assembly.
  • Fantastic Assembly Year 5!
  • I can’t wait for all the help for all the help we are going to get during lent.
  • Great assembly Year 5, well done.