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Worship Committee

At Bedford Hall, our Worship Committee consists of our foundation governors, Headteacher Mrs Draper and members of the Chapel congregation.  The committee meet together regularly and works tirelessly to ensure children’s religious and spiritual needs are met through high quality worship and reflection time and a culture of 'Do all the good you can'. 

The Worship Committee work closely with school staff and RE Lead, Mrs Beatty, to:

-jointly plan inclusive, interactive and invitational ideas for class reflection areas

-Encourage and promote the attendance of children and families at Chapel services

-Work with children to create displays in the Chapel

-Review and evaluate the impact of worship and reflection activities and the impact of chaplaincy work

-Provide suggestions to engage children with being courageous advocates for 'Do all the good you can'

-Ensure school staff are kept up-to-date with current church thinking

The Worship Committee members are an integral part of our school family and have strong relationships with children as well as staff.  These relationships are formed through regular 1 to 1 reading with children, being present around school and through accompanying trips and visits.