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Worship Warriors

Our worship warriors are a team of KS2 pupils who meet with our school chaplain on a weekly basis after school.  Through song, dance and drama, children learn and retell a story from the bible.  Children have time to reflect and write prayers to thank God and ask for guidance.  This is then performed to the rest of the school during whole school worship.

Our school Chaplain says:

"Over the weeks, it has been exciting to watch the children increase in confidence and take ownership of both the sessions and the assemblies; initiating ideas and developing the scripts provided.  In the together time, they reflect on what they are learning which often echoes the Christian values learnt in class. I look forward to seeing what each week will bring."

Our Worship Warriors say:
'I love performing the stories to the whole school. I used to be terrified of acting but I'm not now.'
'It's a good way of learning the [Bible] stories and understanding the messages they bring'